3.4. Sales and Marketing

3.4.1. Introduction

This page briefly describes operational Sales details.

3.4.2. Product Demo Demo text template to use

Please send your criteria of requirements so that we can better answer your questions and prepare the session to meet all your requirements.

For those involved in procurement, please contact the Sales team.

Pre-demo session:

We recommend obtaining the trial version and installing until the initial stage

In that way, you are able to continue after the demo session.

Phone bridge is recommended, if not, use a VOIP headset with dedicated headset. We do not recommend using the microphone included in laptops due to poor sound quality. When demo session is agreed ask for the following:

  • Dates available

  • Times available (and local timezone, so that we know what GoToMeeting toll free / long distance numbers to provide)

  • Number of attendees (max 4 attendees incl 1 organiser and 1 co-organiser in case or max 5 attendees if 1 organiser)

  • Platform

  • Protocols

  • List or criteria of requirements to know what to set up in advance Sending out demo session details

  • Wait for people to join in the first 10 minutes. If there are no-shows, the session can be dropped and rescheduled.

3.4.3. Marketing / Promotional Materials

To save materials, or to obtain past materials, the design repo is available. Announcing a new release to the email list

After the website is updated and News item published, we send a newsletter:

  1. Go to Campaigns in Mailchimp.

  2. Select ‘Replicate’ besides ‘NEW: ACME Release Announcement’. If it is a security release, use the Security Advisories email list.

  3. Select the News Announcements email list.

  4. Update the subject and email with the News text used to announce the new release. You can use the text in the News article.

  5. Select Send. Before sending the final email, preview first by going to ‘Preview and Send’ on the top menu. Select ‘Send a test email’.