4.2. Leave / Holiday/ Team building

4.2.1. General

  • We have 32 days of paid holidays per year (21 legal leave + 11 bank holidays)

  • After 2 years within the team, another leave day is added to the total amount.

  • All legal leave and bank holidays are put in a common pool of leave days. Use them as you like.

  • All leave days should be logged in the leave spreadsheets, including bank holidays.

  • You should also add the leave days to the “Team” shared calendar. In this way is much easier for the team members to see who is away.

  • Feel free to subscribe to notifications for the leave document.

  • When updating the table 2 days before the leave, there is no need for other extra notice other than editing the document. Notifications are sent each day. You will be contacted if something needs clarification.

  • Please try to always keep the document updated, and input new information as soon as you can.

4.2.2. Vacation

  • It is strongly recommended to take at least 5 continuous days of vacation to disconnect from the project :)

  • A vacation is time to recharge, so stay away from the project / work.

  • The team has to learn how to function when people are on vacation and unavailable, no matter how important their role is.

  • Leave should be taken in collaboration with colleagues to ensure project operations are not disrupted.

  • When you run out of paid leave days, just continue to record them. It is OK if you need more holiday days. Extra holiday days are not paid. Unpaid leave days will be subtracted from your salary of the last month of the year.

4.2.4. Unused leaves

  • We strongly recommend to take all your allocated leaves. Unused leave days for a year are reported to next year, up to a total of 5 days.

  • You can redeem your unused leave days as normal paid days, up to a total of 5 days. Try to plan your time so that you don’t end up with these remaining days in the first place.

4.2.5. In-Person Team Building Meeting

In person interaction is important for any team. As all team members are working from different places and do not get the chance to have the coffee chit chat or the idle work breaks, we try to get the team together at least once a year. Usually it’s for a week, each time in a different location.

During the team building meeting, work sessions are alternated with hangouts to get to know each other.

4.2.6. Daily allowence

While travel and accomodation expenses are covered by the company, a daily allowance is to be paid for each employee.

Currently, the per diem is 10 euros.