1.7. Documentation

1.7.1. General

We avoid reinventing the wheel by using the Google documentation style guide. Google’s documentation includes links to Red Hat and Microsoft documentations.

This page includes some project specific requirements.

For documentation source code, we don’t enforce a maximum line break. Use semantic line breaks to make it easier to read a diff output.

The written language is British English.

Units are written using the SI style (English version) and International System of Units.

1.7.2. Annotations

Try to avoid using annotation and always consider whether a note or a warning can be written as a normal sentence or paragraph.

The following annotation classes are available:

  • seealso - green

  • tip - green

  • note - blue - use to highlight a paragraph.

  • danger - strong red

  • warning - red

  • attention - yellow

  • admonition:: Since Version - no color yet